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About Vybe

WE are YOU.

We are 18-25-year-old students, young and of color, who have been constantly turned down for credit cards and told we needed a co-signer to buy an affordable first car or apartment -- all because we didn't have any credit, enough credit, or damaged credit.


We've had enough of being told NO, so we did it ourselves and built Vybe Credit. Vybe is our YES to you.

Our Mission

We created Vybe to make building or rebuilding credit easy for everyone, especially those of us that need it most. No matter how young you are, what ethnicity you are, where you live, how you identify, or even if you have bad credit, you deserve to have good credit. We're going to help you build or rebuild it.

Purpose-driven Technology
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Vybe will help you use what all of us have, smart phones...

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... to get what all of us need, good credit. We got this!

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